David Dahl

Long time HTML superfan, python nerd, node.js enthusiast, Bitcoin maximalist, engineer & researcher


Jun 2020 to present

Principal Software Engineer, AI Team & Greenhouse Innovation Team

Senior Software Engineer, (Volterra) Security Team

Senior Software Engineer, F5 Cloud Services

2019 - 2020

Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead

2016 - 2019

Software Engineering Researcher

Advisory Software Engineer

2013 - 2016

Director, Crypton project

2009 - 2013

Senior Software Engineer, Privacy


Implemented window.crypto.getRandomValues See:

Firefox Engineer

2007 - 2008

Software Engineer


Talks / Writing / Teaching

Defcon 23: Crypto Village: Anti-social Networking

Future Insights Live: Privacy is a UX Problem

Hack in the Box Malaysia: Crypton Workshop

Crypton Whitepaper

Kloak Private Social Networking Application: Slides

Cato Institute: "NSA Surveillance: What We Know; What to Do About It"

Referenced Work

W3C Web Cryptography API Working Group covered